“Everyone deserves to go to Camp!”

Mission: Camp Sam USA’s mission is to provide a specialized, memorable experience filled with adventure, fitness, educational and fun experiences for adults with cognitive and physical disabilities; as well as a “vacation” for their families and caretakers.

Vision: Our vision is to provide new experiences to each of our campers, abling them to have a variety of vacations and respite for their providers, by providing the highest quality care throughout the year in various locations around the U.S.A.




2021 Camp Update: 

Camp Sam Las Vegas! 

Hello Campers, Parents & Caregivers,
We are all very aware that you are desperately waiting to know whether we will be able to hold camp this year… unfortunately I don’t come to you with good news. Due to many factors, including funding and being able to secure our camp location, we will not be able to hold camp this year. Due to COVID 19 we took a hard hit financially, not being able to do our large fundraiser at the Las Vegas Renaissance Festival in 2020 and still having to pay our licensing and storage fees. As for our camp location- Camp Lee, Clark County has made the decision to not rent out to external reservations this year due to the massive construction project that was delayed from last year and will be happening May – October 2021.
As hard as we have tried, we are not able to move forward with camp again for the 2021 season. We are currently evaluating our status for the 2022 year in hopes that we will be able to move forward with financial stability, or if it will be time to close down Camp Sam indefinitely.
We miss all of you and hope to see you all soon! As more information is figured out we will be notifying everyone on all our platforms
Thank you and stay healthy!
Missy and the entire Camp Sam Crew.