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Our Counselors

Due to the nature of our program, we are very selective about the staff we hire. All of our counselors are either professionals from the fields of Camps, Special Education or Recreation. We are looking for counselors with a demonstrated interest in working with adults with cognitive disabilities. All of our staff members require a valid Social Security Number and criminal background check.

Camp Sam USA is an incredible, life changing experience. It is extremely fulfilling, but it is also exhausting. The hours are long, but the rewards are many.

We retain our counselors year after year, because of this, our need for outside counselors occurs after our returning counselors have had a chance to continue or pass. Once you have been a counselor for the first time with Camps Sam, you will not have to reapply, just confirm your position.

A personal interview and a police background check are required of all staff members.

Please complete the application form below. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 702-303-3899.

Benefits of working at Camp Sam USA:

As a counselor or volunteer, spending a Week at Camp Sam USA will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. Not only will you have a wonderful time, but you will make a huge, positive difference in the lives of your campers as well as their year round care takers. Here’s what some of our counselors have had to say:

  • “Camp Sam really taught me about the simplicity of love.”
  • “Excitement and adventure shared between so many different types of people, and it was that much more special because of our differences and our recently discovered similarities.”
  • “It gave me a whole new look at life and it honestly changed my life.”
  • “ I was worried about the night care, walking to the bathrooms with the campers at night, but I began looking forward to the walk, talking with them, caring for them.”
  • “Helping a camper (with physical limitations) get up the stairs to a slide, it took a few minates to get him up there and a few people but the half a second it took to slide down made his face light up.”
  • “ Camp as a whole is my favorite experience.  Helping and interacting with each camper and realizing how grateful each camper is really makes camps a great experience.”


1) When should I apply?

We normally begin hiring in late January and continue hiring until all of our positions are full.

2) Where do counselors stay while at camp?

Camp Sam USA located in Lee Canyon, Las Vegas, NV which was built in the 1930’s and is a historical location.

Our campers and staff live in rustic bunk style cabins.  Each cabin has a heater, electricity and houses 9 bunk beds (18 beds per cabin)  There are 2-3 counselors, a CIT (counselor in training) and 9 campers in each cabin.  Counselors and CIT’s most likely will have to sleep on a top bunk.

3) What is the salary?

Salary varies according to experience and qualifications, and is paid by check at the end of the camp.  Food and lodging are provided at no cost.

4) What are the dates?

Staff training is Sunday July 26th at 5pm.  Staff/camp volunteers can arrive at camp anytime from 3p-5p July 26th.  Dinner will be served at 5p in the dining hall followed by the first half of training. The second half of training will be held in the morning of July 27th.  Campers arrive mid-day July 27th.

5) How do breaks/time off work?

Camp is CRAZY!  You will want to be a part of all the activities however it is tiresome and sometimes you just need some “you time”.  The camp directors will create a daily break schedule for you, and a evening off (permitting).  It is up to you whether you take your time off or not.  Salary is still the same.

6) How does laundry work?

We do have a laundry facility on site, however we request that you bring enough cloths for the entire week.  Laundry is generally used for emergency purposes only and during this camp, there are a lot of “emergency” needs by our campers.

7) Will I have access to the Internet / phone?

Camp does not provide internet for you, nor is there wifi available.  We do have a phone that is available for you during your break time (limited due to the amount of staff) and that family ma.  y reach you on in case of a emergency.  Please be aware that we have about 30-35 staff members at any one time so calls are limited to a few minutes.  You are up at camp so please make sure you family and friends are aware that you will be off the grid for the week and you may not have daily contact with everyone.  CELL PHONES DO NOT WORK AT CAMP.

8) What do I have to do to Apply?

Please fill out the information packet (please click on the corresponding button – New Counselor Application; Volunteer Application or Returning Counselor.  If you were a volunteer and wish to become a counselor please fill out the New Counselor Paperwork.

Email or Snail mail (USPS) your paperwork to us.  Once we receive and review we will contact you for an interview.


Due to the nature of our program… We hire all of our counselors to uphold outstanding care. Volunteers, however can take on many different roles. We do have Counselors in Training (CIT’s) volunteers who may not have much experience but are willing to learn, volunteer activity leaders and event/fundraising volunteers. We cannot function without the dedication of our volunteers.

Counselors in Training follow counselors and assist in all counselor duties. This is our training program in hopes to retain amazing counselors in the future. Here you do not necessarily have to have experience, but you must have the desire and willingness to be selfless during the week of camp.

Activity Volunteers are up there to lead specific activities or classes, sports, arts n crafts, music, group games, etc. . Activity volunteers will be expected to have “lesson plans” for their activity/craft prior to camp and have submitted to the camp director.

Event/Fundraiser Volunteers are people who may not be able to help at camp but want to help out during the year and help us with fundraiser events… ie. Fireworks booth, silent auctions, information events, grant writing etc.

If you have interest in becoming a volunteer for Camp Sam USA, please fill out and return the application as soon as possible.


Your job is easy. Click on the button for your paperwork and send back to us here at CAMP SAM USA … just 2 short forms for us to keep our files up to date!